Easy Setup of ROON Arc Without a Static IP with UNITY Panel

Audiophiles worldwide are geeked out about ROON, the music player for music fanatics. It’s an impressive hardware/software system that delivers the ultimate listening experience for both your local collection of digital audio files and high bitrate streaming services like Tidal and qobuz. Integrate your ROON Core with a sweet little tube amp and some audiophile speakers and your ears will delight in the ultimate music experience. My neck hair is tingling just thinking about it!

ROON NucleusROON’s hardware offering is known as the Nucleus and it is designed from the ground up to be the most amazing piece of audio equipment available. It’s a beautiful piece of technology and I had the chance to see it in person at a customer’s home recently. If you are passionate about your audio, I highly recommend checking out the Nucleus.

As impressive as the technology is, the ROON team made an odd choice with how they implement access to the ROON Core from outside the home. There’s a lot to it but in a nutshell you won’t be able to access your ROON Core from outside your home if your ISP uses CGNAT. For those wondering, pretty much all the common cable and fiber ISP’s use CGNAT.

UNITY Panel creates an awesome smart home systemThe only option for most ROON users is to pay their ISP for a static external IP address within the range that ROON Arc functions. As far as I’ve been able to determine, most ISP’s are not able or willing to do that. My own external IP is within the range of Arc but my ISP, Spectrum, is simply unable or unwilling to assign a static IP to their customers at any price.

Well, ONE SMART HOME™ has a simple solution! UNITY has military grade encryption built-in and it facilitates the ROON Arc app connecting to the ROON Core from anywhere as if it’s in the home on the same network.

This is one of the core features of UNITY that makes it truly unique among smart home controllers. Contact us today to setup a consultation so we can bring your home into the era of full connectivity with all technology systems functioning as one cohesive home system.

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