Rebranding the Smart Home Business

When I launched Tech to My Door in 2019, I had the vision of a new type of home service business that helps people make their homes smart using consumer-grade smart home technology. The goal was always to meet people where they’re at, help them setup and maintain things they already have, and recommend and install the best products that we’ve fully tested and vetted.

That vision remains intact. It’s proven to be greatly needed as a lot of people struggle with the complexity of integrating multiple technical systems that are not only new, they are all rapidly evolving and advancing. Maintaining wifi and connectivity among devices is very few people’s definition of fun, but we love it and have become part of people’s circle of trust as we’ve helped bring order to the chaos.

In August 2021 I reached a point of frustration working with the systems available to me and set out on a journey to make my own smart home controller. Before building it, I spent 6 months interviewing integrators across the US and Canada to see what their needs were so I could design a system that meets those needs. A year of development after that resulted in the introduction of UNITY, the Smart Home Panel that allows all the connected devices in your home to function as a cohesive system.

UNITY Panel creates an awesome smart home systemUNITY is an amazing system that allows me the flexibility to install the very best technology in my customers’ homes and have it all work together. Local control severs the ties to big data, preserving privacy and security. With military grade encryption baked in, it also allows me to securely maintain the system remotely. Most maintenance and service tasks can be performed without rolling a truck and requiring the homeowner to be present while we’re there. UNITY enables me to deliver the utmost level of service and experience for my customers and I’m excited about what the future holds.

With a fresh new system leading the charge into a business even more focused on delivering the very best home automation experience, it became clear that the business name needed to very clearly convey our mission. Tech to My Door was catchy, but we frequently had neighbors approach the van asking us to come fix their computer after we finished up at the house we were at. Everyone, it seems, has a different definition and understanding of what “Tech” means.

At the end of 2022 I made the decision that as difficult as it may be, the path forward required renaming the business to ONE SMART HOME™. I picture the van stopped at a traffic signal and the driver behind reading the graphics and joking to their passenger, “ONE SMART HOME, wow I wonder what they do?! Hahaha!”

A couple months in with the new name and it’s clear, it was absolutely the right decision. I’m excited about what the future holds. Thanks for reading

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