At ONE SMART HOME we believe that great customers deserve unrivaled customer service and we stand behind everything we do and guarantee your satisfaction. Sometimes, even the best technology can stop working reliably and needs a reset. Understanding how frustrating it is when your smart home devices don’t work the way they should, our goal is to get you fully operational as quickly as possible.

Misbehaving technology can frequently be restored to peak operation by following a simple rebooting procedure.

To avoid unnecessary delays, please follow the below steps, in order:

  1. Verify that all circuit breakers are turned on in your electrical panel and all devices are plugged in and powered up
  2. Unplug router and modem (or combo unit like Xfinity) from power outlet
  3. Wait 30 seconds
  4. Plug modem in to power outlet
  5. Wait for DS and US modem lights to light up continuously
    (These frequently have little lightning bolt icons next to them)
  6. Plug router in to power outlet
  7. Wait 5 minutes for router to boot
  8. Check functionality of smart devices
  9. If not working, continue…
  10. Unplug smart home hub (if present) from power outlet
    (Connect+, ClareOne, SmartThings, Hubitat, Echo Hub, Google Hub, etc.)
  11. Wait 30 seconds
  12. Plug hub back in to power outlet
  13. Allow 5 minutes for hub to boot
  14. Check functionality of smart devices
  15. If still not working, continue…
  16. Unplug malfunctioning device from power outlet
    (Bond Bridge, Hue Bridge, Lutron Bridge, etc.)
  17. Wait 30 seconds
  18. Plug device back in to power outlet
  19. Wait at least 2 minutes for device to boot
  20. Check functionality of smart devices

If the outlined steps fail to resolve your issue we will need to schedule a visit by a technician. The technician will begin by following the above procedure and a service fee will be charged if it resolves the issue.

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