Launch of Tech to My Door


A West Michigan startup brings smart home tech to homeowners

[SPRING LAKE, MICHIGAN, October 9, 2019]  Walk the aisles of nearly any store lately and you see the wave of Smart Home devices flooding the market. Consumers love gadgets, especially those that make their lives more convenient and efficient. The technology is impressive, yet the industry is fragmented with very few standards among manufacturers. This leaves homeowners feeling confused, frustrated, and lost. A West Michigan-based startup saw the need to bring order and education to the fractured market and set out to create solutions.

“We’ve assembled systems that work well together” says Tech to My Door president and founder David Wolters. He continues, “All of our packages are thoroughly tested and include equipment that ties everything together, allowing us to keep it running smoothly. This level of home automation and service was previously only available through very expensive wired systems installed by custom integrators. We’ve figured out a way to bring it to nearly everyone, and our optional membership plan keeps it operating at peak performance.” The company’s packages can be installed one at a time or in any combination, allowing customers to dip a toe into a smart home lifestyle or jump in with both feet.

Tech to My Door delivers solutions to Ottawa, Kent, and Muskegon counties. With a mobile business model the company brings sales, installation, education, and service of Smart Home technology directly to homeowners who desire the comfort and convenience it offers without the trial and error of doing it themselves or the expense of proprietary systems.

In their well-equipped van, Tech to My Door technicians carry video doorbells, smart thermostats, cameras, smart lighting, connected switches, garage door controls, leak detection & water shutoff devices, voice controls, security sensors, and networking equipment. All of it is ready to be installed and setup along with training the homeowner on how to use it. If it’s not on the van, custom packages can be assembled based on homeowner requests.

In addition to smart home technology the company brings WiFi and networking expertise to consumers looking to keep their networks meeting the demands that modern media delivery presents. “The foundation of home entertainment and communications today is your Internet connection. You need screaming fast WiFi with strong signal in the entire home and we can help you with that” Wolters recommends.

Tech to My Door understands that smart home technology can be complex and confusing. That’s why we come to your home with all the knowledge, equipment, and tools needed to help you make your home smart!

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