UNITY Package

Managing your home has never been easier!

The point of a smart home? To make home control easier while increasing the convenience, security, and efficiency of your living space.

Make your home smart with Tech to My Door’s UNITY package! Giving you complete control from anywhere, this package includes everything you need to make your home smart and efficient.

Our exclusive Foundation Hub provides the brains of the operation and the HD Video Doorbell, smart thermostat, Voice Assistant, and smart lighting controls provide you the control and convenience that a true smart home delivers. Many options are available to make your home fully smart: garage door control, water detection & shutoff, smart locks, smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, light & fan switches.

Installed and supported by a local West Michigan based business, we deliver a one year “No Worries” guarantee and one year of our Smart Tech Plan with every package. Call today for more information!

Managing smart home easy

What’s Included

  • UNITY™ Foundation Hub – This state of the art smart home system has security at its core while delivering advanced smart home control. UNITY works with many systems you may already have and delivers exceptional convenience and peace of mind.
  • Smart Phone/Tablet App – Manage your smart home from anywhere with our simple mobile app. With an efficient and intuitive design, the app provides control of all your smart devices and cameras in a single application!
  • HD Video Doorbell – With no monthly fees and a 3MP camera, our smart video doorbell is your virtual presence at home. The Smart Motion with Human Detection sensor helps prevent false notifications and you can review recorded video footage from right within our app.
  • Smart Thermostat – Set a schedule for your thermostat or simply have control of your heating and cooling from anywhere with our smart thermostat.
  • Smart Lighting Controls – Choose any combination of up to 5 wall switches and smart bulbs or optionally add more if needed! Smart lighting can help lower costs associated with frequently used items in your home.
  • Voice Assistant – Control your home with your voice! Works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • One Year of our Smart Tech Plan – Keep your smart home running its best with this comprehensive maintenance plan that includes our famous “No Worries” guarantee, priority service, phone and remote support.